Tear drop pendants to raise funds to help the people of Bethlehem 1



I am really pleased to be asked to produce 200 tear drop pendants which are going to be sold by Change Up at Kennington Cross  in order to raise money to travel to Bethlehem to give some much needed help and support to the people out there.

The tear drop will be symbolising hope for those who live in hardship in communities enclosed by walls, where many tears are shed. Shed for despair, and lost hope.

But there is hope that perhaps through Kennington SE11 working to link with Bethlehem, there may be hope brought, by showing a thriving community in London cares for a community that has to face all sorts of difficulties, where families are divided by walls, and great obstacles to living a ‘normal’ life are placed before them.

The tear of despair turns to tears of joy as people realise dreams.  It is hope that can lead one from despair to joy and hope it’s precisely what Kennington wants take to the people of Bethlehem.

For Peace Of Glass it is a real honour to be participating in this project with these beautiful handmade glass pendants.



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  • Roby Post author

    The pendants will be presented tomorrow 10th July 2015 at a soiree at Lambeth Palace

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