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the ethos behind Peace Of Glass :


Glass is capable of touching our souls like no other medium. Light is energy, and glass is able to capture it, enhance it and vibrate with it. It can have a positive effect on our mood and the general vibe of our surroundings.

This is why I am so passionate about it. I love colour and glass can give colour an extra dimension.

Fused Glass is particularly appealing because after being fired in a kiln, glass becomes smoother, more rounded at the edges and so very tactile, adding to its beauty.

It’s such a simple pleasure to see natural light pour through it, I believe it grounds us and brings a sense of peace within us, hence the name ‘Peace Of Glass’.

With my creations, I aim to bring the timeless charm of coloured glass into people lives by creating mesmerising pieces for home decor and gardens, and by making jewellery as wearable art.

From statement pieces such as my large scale cityscapes to my colourful glass ware, my work makes a beautiful gift for those who are looking to give more than just a present.


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how it is made :

My work is entirely handmade; the glass comes mostly in sheets, which I cut by hand and arrange in layers to make a design, before firing it in a kiln.

I use different temperatures to create various effects and to give each piece its individual texture and depth, which in turns creates a unique play of light. All the designs I use for my crafts are my own; they often depict my interpretation of the world as I see it, from playful representations of London-inspired cityscapes to colourful renditions of landscapes in bloom.

I am for ever experimenting with mixed media, often manipulating bold colours and transparencies to transmit the sense of awe I experience when confronted with the spectacle of nature, with artwork which is unique and attractive.


just for you :

I work mostly on commission. The work I produce represents the journey of  my creativity. All pieces are then reproduced for bespoke orders to match the colour scheme of my customers’s homes, to fit in a particular place in a garden perhaps or in the case of the cityscapes and landscapes, to recreate a specific place.

Feel free to get in touch with your thoughts for your ideal piece and I will be happy to turn your ideas into a Peace Of Glass.’

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Written by Designer Maker Roberta De Caro, Creator of Peace Of Glass – Fused Glass Art –