Commission for the Mayor of Southwark

Mayor's cityscape


Yesterday -the 08th September 2015-  was a day to remember for me!

I have worked on the largest cityscape of my collection which was commissioned to me by  Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle MBE, the Worshipful Mayor of Southwark and yesterday I was invited to the Mayor’s Parlour to give it in person to Madame Mayor.

The piece represents the view of London from Dawson Heights (SE22) in Southwark, starting with St. Paul’s Cathedral, featuring the Shard in the middle and all the new buildings all the way to the Gherkin.




dawson height lg cityscape

The View From Dawson Heights 80 cm x 30 cm



I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction from Madame Mayor,  who was very complimentary of the cityscape and enjoyed naming the various buildings and skyscrapers of the London skyline that she could recognised.

The Mayor was intrigued by the piece, by the metallic colours of some of the dichroic glass buildings and by the texture of the greenery at the bottom of the piece and was very interested about the process I use to make it. She added that she was very happy with her new piece of art and that she will proudly show it to her visitors.

Here are some more photos of the Mayor in her Parlour with me and my Peace Of Glass.

It has been a real pleasure to create a piece of glass art that will be displayed in the Mayor of Southwark’s Parlour. I wonder how long it will live there for and especially who will get to see it !