Cityscape commissioned by the Mayor of Southwark

dawson height lg cityscape


It is finally ready and looking just as I was envisaging it!

This huge cityscape is the view from Dawson Heights in Southwark and was commissioned to me by the Mayor of Southwark nonetheless! It will be displayed in the Mayor’s office. I cannot wait to give it to the Mayor and hear her thoughts about it- or even see her reaction when she first sees it. It is truly impressive for the sheer size of it and detail that went into making it. In parts of it the piece is made of  up to 6 or 7 layers of glass! This was completely handmade by myself and from a drawing of the view.

It measures 80 cm x 30 cm and it is entirely made of glass in my studio @Peace Of Glass in SE11.

The Mayor explicitly asked me to make a view of London from Southwark that included the GLA building. Would that be so as to make Boris Johnson jealous 😉 ?!

Here are some pictures of me with it in my studio soon after the piece came out of the kiln, just to give a sense of scale!

dawson height lg cityscape+mecropped

To many more commissions like this one!