Sunflower fields

sunflower fieldThese are my new sunny landscapes.

Size 12 cm x 15 cm.

The sunflowers are stuck to the glass (or tack fused) rather than fused in the glass, giving the pieces texture and adding depth to them. This is an interesting technique which makes the pieces very tactile as well as attractive.





sunflower fields 2






Sunflowers are among my favourite flowers and I must say they lend themselves really well  for my fused glass artwork.

I had great fun making these, as I find the brightness of the  colours and the combination of hues and shapes very uplifting.I absolutely love the purple mountains against the bright spring green.

These pieces are made mainly with transparent glass, so they work well both hanging in front of a window, as sun catchers, or simply hung on a white wall, preferably near a window, so as to catch the light.


Look out for the new larger versions coming soon….