New kiln!!!

741Lots to celebrate today! We are now getting settled and comfy in our new studio at Change Up Kennington. Huge thanks to Change Up for supporting Peace of Glass!!! And we have finally taken the big step: The new ProFuser Kiln has been ordered and will be in our studio in the next few weeks. WOOOOP WOOOOP!!!

This means a lot more flexibility with production and also we will now be able to produce larger pieces, opening the way to great creations for architectural pieces and features for interior design.


We will also be able to hire kiln space in the foreseeable future, so keep tuned for more info.

This has been a month of exciting changes and opportunities for Peace Of Glass.


Many thanks to Start Up as well for awarding us a grant for almost half the cost of the new kiln. We couldn’t have done this without the support of Change Up Kennington and Start Up!