Launching my new collection at ‘Made in Clerkenwell’

IMG_6346 cityscape gherkin and shard

Only 2 weeks to go for the beginning of London Craft Week. I will be showcasing my work at ‘Made in Clerkenwell at Craft Central between the 7th and the 10th of May  2015. What better opportunity to launch my new collectionThe Streets of London.

This new collection consists of two distinct lines of home ware with a diverse range of dishes , candle holders, soap dishes, coasters and mirror frames. One is made with the most elegant transparent grey glass featuring off-centre double yellow lines, bringing to mind the ubiquitous colours of the streets; this is named ‘Double Yellow Lines’. It’s minimalist and smart and in strong contrast to the second line,


‘Mind the Gap’ is characterized by its recurrent feature of a transparent gap between the vibrant colours, shapes and textures. This design is an abstract representation of the city with its myriad of colours and shapes of its architecture but it also represents London’s dynamism and multicultural reality.



The different style of these two lines is representative of the coexistence of two opposite aspects of the city. ‘Mind the Gap’ represents the soul of the city; the diverse, multicultural and creative side of London, whereas ‘Double Yellow Lines’ expresses the London of big business and power. As the divide between the rich and the poor widens these two polar points are more defined and this collection is about the connection of the two as two sides of the same coin.

The backdrop of ‘The Streets of London’ includes my popular wall art pieces depicting glass cityscapes.

The focal part of the collection are my new glass sculptures : the large free standing cityscapes will be on show for the first time at Made in Clerkenwell.

With my work I am representing the constantly changing nature of our skyline which has been evolving rapidly in the last few years making it a prevalent theme. London seems to be made of glass more and more, so it is very fitting to be representing it with the same medium with added metal oxides. Another aspect and a more political one is that underneath the shiny glossy magnificent buildings there lies a system which is also fragile, just like glass itself.

This collection really speaks about me. ‘Mind the Gap’ is all about colours -my obsession-and how this beautiful medium is capable of amplifying colours’ intrinsic energy, whereas Double Yellow Lines is about the source of my inspiration which is the world around me- which happens to be this multifaceted city at the moment. In fact, London has been my home town on and off for the last 18 years, I have tried to ‘escape’ from it several times but it always pulls me back.Recently though, what has been a LOVE-HATE relationship with the city has finally turned into a ‘full-blown love affair’… Yes this place has finally conquered my heart!So why not celebrating this with my artwork?!

Come and see it at Craft Central in only 2 weeks time!!