Collaboration with Contemporary Artist Jenny Brown for Cross Bones Graveyard

A murder of Crows with Jenny Brown

I am looking forward to my next project in collaboration with Contemporary Glass Artist Jenny Brown. We will be working on 7 panels for the Cross Bones Graveyard featuring the ‘Winchester Geese’ .

There will be lots of experimentation going on in the process and lots to learn from it as well as the great opportunity to contribute with our artwork to such a unique project.

Cross Bones is a garden of remembrance  set up on an ancient burial site for medieval sex workers who were ‘excluded from Christian burial’ (John Stow,A Survey Of London). The Graveyard is at the corner of Redcross Street, not far from London Bridge Station.

A Vigil has been held at the gates in Redcross Way since 23rd June 2004 to renew the shrine and to ‘honour the outcast, dead and alive’

It is truly a magical place, full of synchronicities 🙂

Depicted  above is the latest piece by Jenny Brown ‘A Murder of Crows’ that I had the great pleasure to work on with Jenny at her Studio in Kent.