Add art and spark to your Christmas!

If you are looking for something exclusive for the festive season, you have come to the right place:

Have mini works of art hanging from your Christmas tree.

Don’t miss out on the beautiful play of light of our new range of fused glass Christmas tree decorations, adding to the magic of Christmas.

There are several fun designs you can choose from.

They are all individually handmade so expect slight variations for each of the design.

The size is approximately 4 cm by 6 cm or slighly bigger depending on the shape of the piece.

The cost for one is £7.50, or £18.00 for three or £27.50 for five or for more please get in touch!

Order before the 15th November 2012 and you will get 20% discount.

This Christmas put something very special on your tree, as well as underneath it!

Christmas tree decorations 2