Sundays at Herne Hill

I must say as Farmers’ Markets go, this one in Herne Hill is not one to be sneezed at!IMG_3059


The location couldn’t be better. The quaint square in front of the station has been pedestrianized, and what with the lovely cafe and al fresco eating, the vibe is truly remindful of the iconic Italian piazza’s with children running around, colourful stalls and people mooching about and having fun. On a day like last Sunday (Bank Holiday on the 26th of May) when the sun was out and the temperatures were those of a summer day, I could not think of a better place to be in London.

We had live music playing in the square in addition to the random musicians who often entertain us by playing the piano which is sitting by the entrance of the station and available to whoever fancies it.




reflection of colours

Reflection of colours


Plus, Brockwell park is just across the road, so you get the best out of both worlds for a day out. The market offers local fresh produce and has plenty food stalls offering different world cuisines, giving it that feeling you get at festivals only. The arts and crafts and vintage section where we set up offers all sorts, a very diverse array of interesting goodies. Our stall is always popular with those who are looking for a unique gift,be it a piece of art to hang on the wall or some exclusive jewellery or again something quirky from our homeware line, like our recycled glasses made with Carlsberg beer bottles. These are cool! On Sunday the sun brought out the charm of our creations, the beautiful colours coming alive in the bright light and we got a taster for the summer to come.


This will be our home for the month of June, so come and see us and enjoy this hidden corner of London. We will be there every Sunday 10 am till 4 pm. Roll on summer!!! This Sunday coming we will have our brand new suncatchers on show for windows and gardens. Glass at its best!!